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MMmedia and PENTA Sports cooperate

Barsbüttel, Berlin, der 11.12.2018 – Germany's largest merchandising manufacturer for cinemas is taking over the activities for the Berlin-based Esportmarke PENTA Sports with immediate effect. In addition to the expansion of a new merchandising shop, the Barsbüttler company will be in charge of the worldwide production and distribution of PENTA products and editions.




The aim of the cooperation is to further develop the merchandising sector and adapt it to the modern requirements of the constantly and rapidly growing fan community. In addition, for the first time there will be a fusion of the film and Esport worlds in the PENTA Shop. Martin Molgedey, Managing Director of MMmedia: "Now the sport and gaming fever has gripped us too! I am really pleased that we have found a strong partner with vision and a lot of ambition in PENTA Sports. Together we will set up one of the best merchandise shops in Esport. I am also looking forward to the many other projects that are already in the planning stage!

In addition, the partners are planning an Esport event and live streaming concept for the German cinemas. About every third 16 to 39 year old German (31%) regularly watches other gamers via online stream as they 'gamble' or participate in tournaments and comment live on the action. Live broadcasts in cinemas are not uncommon and extremely popular due to the community experience. PENTA Sports and MMmedia will organize these live broadcasts in the future and provide for a technically first-class transmission as well as an attractive target group-oriented design of the events in German cinemas. Andreas Schaetzke, Managing Director of PENTA Entertainment, explains: "We are very proud of the cooperation with a merchandising giant like MMmedia! Not only will we take our PENTA Store to a new level, but the path to German cinemas will also be a groundbreaking project for the development of our sport in Germany. For this I would like to thank Martin and the whole team from Barsbüttel!



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